Black Swords and Smörgåsbords
The party's adventure began with shopping in Easthaven before setting out on the long road to Caer Dineval. They visited The Uphill Climb tavern. There, the tavernkeeper Roark and a note from a concerned commoner hinted at something amiss with the town speaker, Crannoc Siever, who was reportedly ill and sequestered in Caer Dineval. Lacking leads to the Duergar threat, they inquired at the keep where a guard named Thoob who led them into the Caer. They met Kadroth, the tiefling acting as Siever's right hand. Kadroth, a member of the Black Swords cult devoted to Levistus, offered an alliance against the Duergar. Meanwhile, Crank explored the guard tower, learning of connections between the cult and the wizard Avarice. Kadroth invited the party to consult with Hethyl, a old soothsayer shield dwarf who prophesied doom for Ten Towns and a chance at salvation through the party's efforts. She died after revealing her visions. The party schemed to discover the true Speaker Siever's status, manipulating the situation with disguises. They learned that Siever, a disgusting blowhard in his own, had become a prisoner in his own keep. Hazel spoke with the servant girl Mere about a hopeful paladin recruit named Huarwar. Despite a harsh outlook, Huarwar expressed some gratitude by giving Hazel a pendant for his mother. Late at night, the party investigated a cistern beneath Caer Dineval, finding a shrine to Levistus and rooms holding corpses. They walked in on Avarice, who had fashioned a study and bedroom in a side room. She was dismissive of Kadroth and amused by the scenario, though ultimately, she was mostly terse in telling the party to leave her alone. In the final chamber, Oona discovered imprisoned Caer servants, vowing to free them. Avarice certainly overheard their activities.


Shopping in Easthaven

Caer Dineval

The Black Swords

The Cistern of Caer Dineval



Total XP: 5850


18 · Chronicles · 20

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