Reghed Nomads

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Reghed nomads are the children of the Reghed Glacier. They are the wild tribes of Icewind Dale, proud and strong, bound to ancient traditions that have kept them alive through countless harsh winters. The Reghed wear heavy furs as well as gloves, boots, and masks made of animal hide, to protect themselves from the bitter cold. There used to be a myriad of native Reghed tribes, but only a handful remain. Others have all disbanded over the past century, with many of their former members settling in Ten-Towns and abandoning their traditional ways. The Reghed tribes rely on a nomadic lifestyle to survive. When they make camp, the tribesfolk live in large, round tents made of deerskin and supported by wooden shafts.

The Reghedmen were migratory hunters, who herds of reindeer across the frozen tundra. They lived in deerskin tents and crafted goods of wood and whalebone.

Like many of their kind, they were suspicious of magic, and saw it as the tool of the evil and indolent.