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Previously known as the Black Network, the Zhentarim are a mercenary company and greater mercantile organization in Faerûn, who, over their 200 years of existence, have had a storied history as a cadre of self-serving thieves, spies, assassins and malevolent wizards.

§ Interactions
18 #ChardalynCaper #CauldronCaper Returning to the town hall, the party reconnected with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath, who had sorted out their guards. It appears that a town clerk,Prudence, betrayed them and let in several ruffians and possible Zhentarim who were targeting the Cauldron of Plenty. Fortunately for the party, the duergar chardalyn thieves walked in on this scuffle and capitalized on the mayhem, knocking out both Easthaven guards and their assailants before taking off with the black ice. With great thanks, the speaker was able to finally pay the party for the cauldron.
15 #TheMeadMustFlow As the party was preparing to leave town, a scuffle broke out at the Good Mead hall. Several thugs were running away, licking their wounds as Shandar Froth and his loggers hollered at them to get lost. Oona grappled a thug.Crank clotheslined another, picking him up with an arm for questioning. Crank recognized the Zhentarim flunky, and it was soon revealed that these thugs lost on purpose by the orders of Naerth Maxildannar to make Shandar look good. With onlookers watching the scene, Shandar was exposed. He admitted to the deception but said he did have the town's interest in heart and that, in truth, the Zhentarim had been blackmailing him to keep his past from catching up. He was a man wanted for murder in Mirabar. With Shandar outed, it seems Olivessa Untapoor will become speaker.
13 #TheMeadMustFlow Good Mead's ever dwindling supply of honey ale just didn't sit right with the party. Between the righteousness of beer and a possible Zhentarim replacement for their Town Hall speaker, the party hoofed it to the town. On arrival, though small in stature, the village was literally buzzing from the ice bees in the main mead hall. Here they met Olivessa Untapoor, eldest cask-maker of the town's Chultan families. Oli woefully admitted that she was indeed running for speaker, ever since Kendrick Rielsbarrow had been speared to death when a verbeeg assaulted the town and stole three casks. Kendrick's corpse was laid down for mourning in the Shrine of the Flaming Sword, an aged local hall once dedicated to Tempus.
04 #ArmoredCorps Knocking on the rear entrance of The Hooked Knucklehead caught the half-orc and Zhentarim ruffian Zarruk off-guard. Surrounded by the six party members, he fessed up that some stolen crates of shortsword, daggers, and light crossbows from Bryn Shander Armory were still in his custody and due to head to Targos. The party wanted in on their transport. Intimidated by Fern and company and tithout another option, Zarruk complied, telling them to drop it off at The Luskan Arms for the usual remunerations.
04 #ArmoredCorps Half the stolen goods were restored to Markham Southwell's control. Hazel managed to persuide the sheriff to let them take the other half to the Zhentarim in Targos and act as double agents.
04 #ArmoredCorps The party dropped off the crate for Zhentarim pickup in the shed at the rear of the Luskan Arms. The tavernkeeper, Owenn Tarsenal, seems to turn a blind eye to these dealings. He paid the usual sum he is instructed to give, 60sp, alongside an evening's swill and meal, some fish sausage.
03 #battle #ArmoredCorps The party fought four Zhentarim thugs in a Bryn Shander alley. They got one to talk after they discovered a The Hooked Knucklehead tavern flyer on him with a note ...-.-.. on the back. It was a knocking passcode for the backdoor of the tavern, where the Zhentarim have been fencing stolen goods from the armory.
02 #ArmoredCorps Met Markham Southwell at Bryn's Armory. Supplies have gone missing and the sheriff is suspicious of Zhentarim in his ranks. He agreed to help you out if you recover supplies.
02 #ArmoredCorps After asking around town, you deduced that a tavern, The Hooked Knucklehead, was a Zhentarim hangout. Fern overheard the half-orc tavernkeeper and a cloaked figure speak in Thieves Cant regarding moving supplies from the armory. She acknowledged their speech and asked for "work." They considered the request warily.