Chaos overtook the prison as a free for all ensued in blackened hallways with flickering lights and an unknown number of slaadi invaders. The party ascended the central tower of Revel's End, finding a wounded Lieutenant Stone and a sullen Warden Marthannis. The green slaad spotted earlier had made short work of the guard barracks and was now on the rooftop. All was lost, said the deranged warden. As the party confronted a grey slaad, Gadget and Crank were alarmed when their attacks only rippled through the aberration. What they didn't know was the rogue green slaad had killed the warden, eaten her heart, and evolved. The threat in front of them was an illusion. As the warden's jaw unhinged and a cone of fear magic enveloped the party, the true fight was on. It ended with the slaad's fall from the tower. An uneasy peace was restored over Revel's End. Authority in the prison was in shambles. Both Stone and Marthannis were dead. Tetro informed Speaker Waylen about the incident and played the speaker's earlier message: new tidings about the duergar were unearthed and the speakers were meeting in Bryn Shander for the next week.

Revel's End


Total XP: 8800



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