Auril's Mount
Unknown-Aged Roc Unknown-Gender

§ Interactions
23 #AngajuksBell Angajuk knew much of the stirrings in the Sea of Moving Ice. Notably, she mentioned three things. One, Angajuk was afraid of a kraken - most probably a juvenile but still a gargantuan sea beast - that was encroaching on her territories, posing a large threat to the underwater mammalian life and their travel. If left to fully grow, the results could be calamitous. Two, she reminisced how Anga had traveled to the Frostmaiden's island, Solstice, many moons ago. Approaching that island was a fell task now, given attacks by the Roc and an increasing aura of cold. Third, Angajuk mentioned that a long lost underwater temple had been recently inhabited by sahuagin. She only knew of the ruin as the Temple of the Four Gods.
11 #TheRimeoftheFrostmaiden The bird was no storm eagle. It was a legendary Roc, and it landed on the roof of the Black Cabin and began preening its wingspan of at least a hundred feet with its raptor beak. Soon a voice prompted the party to exit, and after an attempt to stealth away, they soon met with Auril the Frostmaiden. She appeared as a 7 foot tall humanoid with the head of a snowy owl, black talons, cloven hooves, and great curved goat horns protruding from her head. Her cloak and cowl appeared as part wolf fur and part pristine snow. The party later heard legends that this appearance has led to her being called the Cold Crone.
11 #TheRimeoftheFrostmaiden Auril demanded to see the Summer Star, whose magic she detected when its radiant burst fired. When the party resisted, she froze Crank and Oona and used the time to hone her detection of the magical item. She found it, teleporting besides Tetro and clutching the "useless trinket." Her frost began taking it over, the magical creaking and craftsmanship coming undone. With quick thinking the party set up a diversion, Fern using Jarnathan as bait, Azgul creating mirror images of himself about the Frostmaiden, and Tetro casting heat metal on the Summer Star before wild-shaping into a velociraptor and dashing into the woods. The party fled Auril, who looked through the remaining Azgul before teleporting onto the back of her Roc and flying away.