Dreams are my Reality
Our heroes activated the rune chamber of the Lost Spire, producing armaments and jewels while the ancient mechanism sparked and whirred. Gadget warily took note. Dzaan's simulacrum met his end at Azgul's hand, and as the party prepared to leave the spire, Crank was perplexed by seemingly running into more than one Azgul. Later, the party tracked down the Tribe of the Bear's shaman in order to ink Fern with the lock-breaker tattoo. Oona received the Bear's Eldritch Claw tattoo as well, slowly realizing that the shaman she was dealing with was the one from her dreams, the same who poisoned the Bear King's wives and children. As outsiders, they lacked influence, but this vision was expressed to the Bear King Gunvald, and now on a solemn arctic morning our heroes prepare to depart, first to the Axebreaker Vault and then back to Ten Towns.

The Lost Spire's Rune Chamber

Tribe of the Bear



Total XP: 9800



(Dreams are my )Reality is a 1980 ballad by Richard Sanderson.

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