The White Wyrm and the Whalesong
The heroes braved the wreckage of the Dark Duchess, contending with a lurking ice troll and uncovering the grim fate of Captain Bluebeard and his first mate Sephek Kaltro, who were betrayed by a thieving mage amidst the threat of the white dragon Arveiturace. Swiftly claiming treasures but leaving the dragon's rimed hoard, they made a harrowing escape as the dragon itself descended upon the ship. Their adventure led to the remote Angajuk's Bell, where against the backdrop of a forbidding blizzard, they challenged and thwarted a band of ruthless whalers set on desecrating the sacred bond between the famed druid Anga and the great sperm whale Angajuk. The tale took a mystical turn when Hazel rang Anga's bell only to be swept into a deeply personal vision, casting her through a century of whispering memories.

The Dark Duchess

Angajuk's Bell


Total XP: 7250


21 · Chronicles · 23

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