Mokingo Growling Bear


Adventurer, Clan of the Bear
Adult Goliath Man

§ Interactions
05 #MountainClimb Having rescued Garret Velryn the party continued up Kelvin's Cairn seeking the remaining three members of the climbing expedition: a male goliath named Mokingo Growling Bear who was in search of the legendary Winter Walker Oyaminatorok, a female halfling acolyte named Perilou, and a brooding, reticent female Tiefling named Astrix.
05 #MountainClimb Approaching a yeti den, the party sought the adult male yeti that attacked Garret Velryn and company. Finding blood and several large but muddled footprints, they snuck into a cave, where they found the eviscerated torso of Mokingo Growling Bear in a crude trophy room. Two other severed heads could be well-discerned, one belonging to Oobok and the other belonging to an unknown red-haired shield dwarf.