Session Battle Description
26 #battle #TheLostSpire Departing from Revel's End, the party set a course towards the Netherese Lost Spire that had been unearthed by Dzaan prior to his execution. Along the way, the party encountered a skirmish between chardalyn berserkers and a pair of Reghed Nomads from the Tribe of the Bear. The berserkers had lost their minds to chardalyn corruption. Azgul began feeling his stone's perturbing presence, as well, and though he was capable of parting with the stone, he nevertheless kept it. As the parties clashed, black ice javelins exploded with shatter magic. The two Reghedsmen died in battle while the final berserker vanished in a blue flame as he adjusted a sapphire blue ring on his finger.
26 #battle #TheLostSpire Crank swigged down a Potion of Cold Resistance and dropped below. There, the party fought a cornered ice salamander, an inhabitant of the Plane of Ice that had wormed its way into this realm due to the endless winter. As the battle came to a close, Tetro dispatched Krintaas who was barely hanging on. Very soon after a second battle started when remains of the forgotten tower's wizards manifested as sorrowsworn. Battered, the Gadget rescued a dying Fern while her homunculus Finn struck a killing blow to dispatch the shadow creature. Thus the party was able to step into the tower's rune chamber.
25 #battle #RevelsEnd Lights sputtered against black hallways as the siren blared in Revel's End. Gadget, Tetro, and Fern were caught in combat with a red slaad as prisoners and guards clashed against other threats. Vaelish Gant was seen looking for spellcasting reagents. Prisoner 13 was attacked by a red slaad and defended herself with her river tattoo. Azgul was lost in the fray. Oona and Crank awoke to chaos and soon found themselves fighting off another red slaad near the mess hall.
25 #battle #RevelsEnd Stolga Stone ran up the stairs and immediately attempted to shove the supposed warden off. She failed. The warden transformed, and the battle with the true grey slaad ensued on the rooftop of Revel's End. Tetro assumed constellation form to bolster the party, as Fern and Gadget laid into it with knife and fist.Oona, having come to her senses, hurled the slaad off the tower. It landed 140 ft below on the lower roof. Crank jumped down after, tossing a lightning javelin and slow-falling not a moment too soon. The rest of the party continued their assault from roof top and tower windows. The slaad, though, was able to take flight, and fireballed the roof. Dodging the blast, Oona opened her eyes to see Stolga Stone incinerated and falling to her death. But the slaad couldn't last. It died midair and fell once again, the resulting splash soaking Crank in slaadi guts and goo.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd Waiting to speak with the warden in the morning to get access to Vaelish Gant, the party retired for the evening. They woke up in the dark of morning to red lights and sirens. Lathander's Blessing had also weakened to 8 temporary hit points. A voice on the communication system directed guards to the northwest storage room where the "blue target" had been cornered. The kitchen staff and council members, including the retrieved Jarnathan, were told to quiet down by the party as they crept out of the mess hall and toward the guard room where their weapons had been cached. There was one guard in sight, slumped in the corner, missing the lower half of his body. As the party asked what happened, a second guard was flung into the doorway, neck snapped, and a red slaad appeared. The creatures claws caused eggs to fester under Gadget's skin, but Tetro and Azgul kept it at bay as Fern picked the lock on the chest where their armaments were stored.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd Making their way to the storehouse, the party met with Lieutenant Stone and fought the cornered blue slaad alongside the guards. It seems this slaad burst out of the hospital patient's chest last night, crawled in a vent, and rapidly grew. The guards reassured them that this was the only slaad detected. Slaads are chaotic abberrations from the Plane of Limbo, a rare sight in and of itself in Faerun. The warden knew that slaads took time to reproduce, but had begun emergency lockdown preparations anyway. The party, though, had just encountered a red slaad. The blue slaad's chaos phage was replicating much more quickly than normal. The lieutenant ran to alert the warden and ordered the party to lock themselves in their rooms. Tetro cleared out the chaos phage from Gadget, who was slightly questioning her decision to join the Heroes of the Crag.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd The conversation with Vaelish was cut short, as two red slaad and a green slaad attacked. The green used its magic to assault the party, after which it changed shape and entered the vents of the prison. Guards from the central command tower lent their firepower to take down the red slaads, but soon they stopped responding and messages over the intercom by the Warden, who was activating safety protocols, ceased and turned to static. As the battle ended, and Fern scratched at the eggs under her skin, it became apparent that several prisoners were dead with chests ripped open. Then the lights cut out, and all the cell and tower doors creaked open.
23 #battle A frigid battle was fought against three frost druids and an awakened tree. Fern was knocked out after repeated ice storms but was quickly healed by Tetro. As Crank chased a fleeing frost druid and a pack of conjured wolves held Oona, Azgul, and Gadget at bay, Fern returned to deal the killing blow. The party was victorious.
22 #battle #DarkDuchess The ice troll was a fierce opponent but no match for the party, who jumped into the hold in a blitz attack. It's cold aura left a few heroes licking their wounds, but its vulnerability to fire was quickly exploited to bring it down.
22 #battle #DarkDuchess The hold contained several longboats and a massive treasure hoard, frozen in laminated sheets of ice. While some picked away at this icy treasure, Crank busted down the door to the galley. A gang of kobolds had barricaded themselves inside, attempting to ward off the ice troll. Alarmed, they attacked Crank on instinct. This resulted in their deaths. The party managed to glean that the kobolds were present in service, or perhaps reverence, of the "big one." That big one was the ancient dragon Arveiturace.
22 #battle #AngajuksBell #WhaleHunters The day's blizzard kept most locals inside, but a cadre of Dalefolk were outside by a large barrel, pointing at the break in the ice near Anga's copper bell. They were the ruffian whalers that Tinjong warned the party about. The thugs told the locals they would hunt the whale. What the locals didn't know was that this band intended on poisoning the waters to do so, using the famed bell to lure their prize in. Hazel had no patience for these fools and their disrespect of the wilds. The party struck the barrel with a flame, intending to stop them. The barrel exploded and a skirmish ensued. The incensed thugs put up fight but met their end on the water's edge. The locals seemed to care more about the dead bodies than the scuffle, worried that the "tundra would take them." Concerned about undead rising, Oona, Crank, and Tetro not only buried the corpses, but dismembered them.
21 #battle #DarkDuchess Tremors were felt in the tundra as the party took a short rest for the sake of their sled dogs. Several chwinga were spotted atop a nearby snowy mound. On approach, the mound was discovered to be a mammoth corpse. Large claws had grappled it recently and sizable chunks of flesh were torn out by an even larger maw. The markings tracked with that of a dragon. The tremors they had felt increased in intensity until the ground surrounding the mammoth carcass caved in. An adolescent remorhaz reared its head, grabbing at the corpse to scavenge. The party attacked, and thus the beast retaliated. Eventually the remorhaz was slain, but only after it swallowed Oona and began to tunnel away. Thankfully, she cut herself out of its dead belly before its acids could burn her to the bone. Several hours later, the party arrived at the wreckage of the Dark Duchess.
20 #battle #BlackSwords With the prisoners now in the north west tower, the party now realized their hospitable lodgings were under lock and key. Both doors were barred from the outside, and at least one was guarded. Azgul and Fern combined an unseen servant and mage hand to lift the bar and distract the guard, but the shadow servant fumbled with the wooden barricade, causing it to clatter to the ground. The party held their breath, and the Black Swords guard blew his horn. As the keep came alive well past midnight, the party held back the cultists while rappelling the servants over the castle wall. Fleeing into a blanketing blizzard under a hail of arrows, all but one made it out alive. Elprekt Norbrav, the half-elf butler and husband to Mylbara Norbrav, was pierced through the heart. Oona scooped up Mylbara, who stood in shock, while Tetro shouldered what remained of Elprekt as they fled.
18 #battle #ChardalynCaper Aboard the Easthaven Ferry, as the party creaked onto the quiet ship sloshing in the icy waters, Tetro peered into the cabin and saw several bedrolls and the makings of a camp. He lit the area with Faerie Fire, revealing two Duergar warriors and a duergar mind master. The party exchanged blows as several more duergar, invisible up until this point, attacked them as well. With Oona felling their mind master leader, the party was able to subjugate the grey underdwarves, forcing the final two to surrender.
16 #battle #ToilAndTrouble The party followed the tracks of the four fisherman along a frozen river into one of four entrances into Lac Dinneshere's cliffside. They soon they came across a frozen waterfall about 10 feet in height. Hazel nimbly climbed up, peering into the darkness to see the frozen waters continuing but also a large stonecarved entrance to her right. She had the party follow, but the ice crumbled under Fern, leading to a battle with a dual headed water weird that broke free and attempted to drag members under.
16 #battle #ToilAndTrouble A frost giant skeleton had lain dormant until the remaining party entered the chamber. As it chipped out of the ice to tower over even Crank, Hazel began to flee northward while Azgul went south. The lugubrious giant smashed out of the ice and landed heavy blows on Oona before its bones were pulverized.
16 #battle #ToilAndTrouble When talk devolved into a blood price - either Easthaven's children or one of the party's own - battle ensued. The hags dropped their glamour, unveiling their true, horrid forms. The blue, crafted walls too were replaced by the filth of a cave home to monsters. And the feast of four swine turned out to be the four fishermen. Too bad Crank had a bowl earlier... perhaps worse that it tasted half-decent. As spells flew and metal clanged, Alice fell, followed by Maud who burst into a hundred severed hands. While cleaving through the crawling horde, the third hag, Anise, fled while invisible. She whispered her grudges in Azgul's ear before running past. In the end, the party successfully recovered the Cauldron of Plenty.
15 #battle #WhiteLadySeance #ToilAndTrouble Rinaldo's seance could have gone better, but I guess it could have gone worse. The spirit of the White Lady attacked the crowd, its wails literally aging one poor commoner by forty years. The party fought it off, after which it answered questions pertaining to happenings around the lake. She noted that a hag lived in the south eastern cliffs bordering Lac Dinneshere and that she had a magic cauldron capable of feeding an entire town. When asked about the treasure of the lake, she said the hag knows best. When asked about Dzaan, it seemed her knowledge outside the lake was minimal.
15 #battle #ToilAndTrouble Heading out the next day to find this hag, who seems to be preying on sailors, the party found a capsized fishing boat. The boat was named "Bunch o Knuckleheads" and was filled with empty booze bottles. Humanoid tracks headed away along a frozen river into a cliffside cave. Further up the cliff, the party saw other stone carved entrances. As the party investigated, four emaciated harpies and a confused axebeak attacked and were quickly dispatched.
14 #battle #TheMeadMustFlow Fern had the charmed Duhg lead her to the interior of the cave, where he had kept Good Mead's casks. Unfortunately, an ogre, affectionately nicknamed Friend by Duhg because the lunk never remember his own name, was asleep back there and soon became roused. This led to battle and a beast war between wild-shaped great ape Tetro and the cave bear Yogobor that Duhg kept as a pet. Hazel developed a signature attack, boosting off of Crank's mitts to crack the ogre dead. He dubbed it the Hazel Nutcracker.
14 #battle #TheMeadMustFlow At dusk the party left the caves with a rickety wagon loaded up with good mead casks. Soon, they ran into Duhg's woman, the verbeeg Gahg. While they avoided her at first, she returned with a vengeance, nearly killing Hazel before falling in battle to Azgul's witchbolt and Oona's axe. Gahg carried a basket of strange metal shards, seemingly scavenged as gift for her lover. The party members deduced this metal was completely foreign in nature and perhaps valuable.
12 #battle #ColdHeartedKiller Torg's warehouse thinned out later in the evening. When asked about his time on the ship, Sephek attested that those days were in his past life. When asked about the girl, Sephek praised the winter goddess, and spoke of his valiance in honoring her quarry. Battle ensued, and Sephek's true nature was exposed, as he dueled with sword and dagger of ice. He tested the strengths of Crank, Oona, Azgul, and Fern, but was hopelessly outmatched when Hazel and Tetro arrived as reinforcements. Moments before his total demise, Sephek called for Auril to witness him. Sephek slit his throat and his curdling scream began to intertwine into of a woman. In the cold Targos night, Azgul picked up Sephek's now inert longsword, noting its etched runes: Isolation, Cruelty, Endurance, and Preservation.
11 #battle After fleeing Auril at the Black Cabin, the party fought against a full strength Coldlight Walker and an initially camouflaged Ice Mephit.
11 #battle #LakeMonster The party fought the plesiosaurus from their rowboats as well as from nearby ice floes after Crank netted it. They were surprised when the beast spoke! It had been awakened by Ravisin to terrorize Ten Towns and convinced by her that if it failed to kill in reverence of the the Frostmaiden, then she would revoke its new-found intelligence. The party, with mixed-feelings, decided it was best to neutralize the murderous beast.
09 #battle #TheWhiteMoose A thick fog began to blanket the area, and sounds of a moose were heard in the distance. The party bunkered in the tomb for a quick rest, but then heard the pwah! noise of Chwinga. Slowly scouting the perimeter with Hazel keeping watching from atop the gnomon and Azgul stepping towards the southern forest, more voices began appearing: those of hunters in need for instance. Sensing a presence behind one of the tall elvish statues, Azgul Eldritch Blasted through it revealing a wendigo horror. The battle was one of light and shadow with the wendigo suddenly shifting between trees and behind bodies in the dimness of the fog as Tetro and Hazel lit up the grounds with spellfire and Fern cloaking herself in the occlusion of the twilight to strike. The party wrecked the distorted moose, which shriveled to its former form.
08 #battle #TheWhiteMoose Ravisin conjured a dozen wolves to attack the party. The party managed to fend for themselves while they broke the frost druid's concentration, dispelling the wolves. Ravisin wild shaped into an owl and attempted to flee, but was caught by ranged attacks and came crashing into the moon dial. Calling out to her dead sister Vurnis and beseeching Auril to witness her, she cast a maelstrom of ice onto the party and herself, ending her own life.
07 #battle #TheWhiteMoose Three banshees, spectral female elves, surprised the party in the thick of the misty woods. The less-than-corporeal banshee resisted the party's physical onslaught. Old Huntsman Clive fell first, a banshee's phantasmal grasp bringing blood to pool in his mouth. After repeatedly being afflicted by the banshees' wails, Fern collapsed and Oona all but fell, relying on her orcish ancestry to keep her afoot. The party was able to thwart them in the long run, dragging their battered selves further into the wood.
06 #battle #ABeautifulMine Several encounters unfolded in the gem mines, mostly against easily dispatched kobolds, but also against a set of grells that had preyed on weaker beings and caused significant tension in the mine. The party eventually encountered a well-spoken kobold leader with fake dragon wings named T-Rex, who was found out to have been possessed by the Ghost of Janth, a sage who had succumbed to exposure on the iceplains. The kobolds had been seeking refuge and a better life, though through a lot of skullduggery. The ghost wished to infiltrate society and, while rational, had less-than-good aspirations. The ghost was exorcised. The party, tired of shenanigans, told T-Rex and two surviving kobolds to take a hike.
05 #battle #MountainClimb In the darkness, they found a yeti and two smaller indistinct forms. The party took the opportunity to attack the beast and lure it out. In the following confusion, they realize a yeti tyke had been batting around Perilou, who exhausted but unharmed, in the corner and that they were fighting the mother. As the party and Garret dispatched the monstrosity, the father approached with a slewn goat. Putting the yetis to rest, the party decided to push for the mountain-top to look for Astrix.
05 #battle #MountainClimb Before they could lash up the dogs and leave, an avalanched swept through the hillside, ensnaring Garret Velryn. Soon after, a chill wind summoned three Cold Light Walkers, who the party and Perilou dispatched.
04 #battle #MountainClimb Three crag cats pounced on the party. Garret fought alongside them. These were big, mean kitties.
03 #battle #ArmoredCorps The party fought four Zhentarim thugs in a Bryn Shander alley. They got one to talk after they discovered a The Hooked Knucklehead tavern flyer on him with a note ...-.-.. on the back. It was a knocking passcode for the backdoor of the tavern, where the Zhentarim have been fencing stolen goods from the armory.
03 #battle #FrostedMugs Six goblins, a goblin boss, his pet hawk, and two wagon-laden polar bear were encountered. Two potions of animal friendship, a bone whistle, and 60 sp were found afterwards. The polar bears were set free by Tetro. The hawk was charmed by Crank and later sold to Hruna for 5 gp.
03 #battle Camping in a cave, Tetro was ambushed by two lesser snow golems on his watch. The party managed to defeat them when the hawk alerted them. Fire was super effective!
01 #battle The party encountered an ogre and baby owlbear. The ogre called out to the baby owlbear's mother who also attacked. The party defeated them all and departed as the baby's cries filled the silent air. The cries eventually triggered an avalanche.
01 #battle A blizzard picked up on the flatlands of Icewind Dale as the party closed in on Bryn Shander. Keeping an eye out for the warm fires of Bryn's towers, they instead spotted three spectral blue lights. On closer inspection and as they neared the city walls, they saw the lights belonged to cold light walkers, who attacked the group. The group narrowly escaped the icy grip of the cold light walkers, assisted by an armored polar bear who tackled their primary assailant.

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